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Psychic Parties

Make a party to remember with authentic Tarot Readers and Psychic services for everyone to enjoy! Our services are not limited too Tarot, we also offer Akashic Record readers, Energy Healers, and Past Life Retrevals and Regressions.

Simply give each reader or healer a room to set up in and have your guests be amazed and entertained for hours and years to come.

Tarot Reader

Nicholas O'Donnell

Everybody wants a party to remember, a tarot reader can create an experience for people to talk about for years to come. Let your guests take home the future and keep a memory of a story telling experience for a lifetime. Each guest will be able to sit with a tarot reader for 15-30 minutes at a time tailored to the Hosts needs and desires. If the party calls for more than one card reader multiple can be arranged upon request.

$80 an hour or $300 for 4 Hours


Tarot Reader and Akashic Record Healer

Nicholas and Phoenix

Mix up the fun with both a Tarot reader and an Akashic record healer, providing 2 psychic services in one location. Everyone needs to know this life's fate, but could also benefit from knowing what is held in the Akasha(past lives and future incarnations). By teaming up both etheric services one can accumulate a grasp on what kind of journey the soul is on.

 $200 an hour or $700 for 4 hours


Tarot Reader and Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Nicholas and Amy

Cleaning ones auric field and soul not only can be done by your local Priest, the work can be done by a Shaman. By employing the combination of Tarot and Shamanic Soul Retrieval each guest at your party will walk away feeling cleansed and equipped for the future.

$200 an hour or $700 for 4 hours


Multiple Card Readers and Psychic Services

Call and inquire about having 3 or more readers and healers at once. Many options are available including massage and sound healing.

Get in Touch Today For Your Psychic Party Adventure

Call Nicholas @


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