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Our Tarot Decks are hand selected and inspected for authenticity and condition. Each rare and antique tarot deck is treated as if it was precious art. The historic collections of tarot are vast and wide, and these collector edition decks will serve any true aspirant of the esoteric arts. A vast array of vintage books and tarot decks are available and the stock is constantly being rotated. 

Each Deck and book is checked to verify authenticity, all items sold are unique and verified for all attributed qualities from the year, printing, edition, publishing company and physical condition of the item. These collections encompass but are not limited to, Special and limited edition Italian tarot decks, sealed vintage tarot decks, European collections, antique tarot decks and so much more. The store also has books and other items that are specific to esoteric writings and objects. 

Rest assured, all items sold are put through specific tests and inspections before sale. Inquire for any additional pictures or information. 

The Mindful Hermit Rare and Antique Tarot Decks is your go-to destination for all things vintage tarot. Our collection includes rare decks that will leave you amazed and in awe. We take pride in bringing you the most sought-after tarot decks, making sure that you have a unique collection that speaks to your soul. Through our dedication to authenticity and quality, we offer a shopping experience like no other.

Rare Tarot for sale

Rare tarot decks for sale. Rare books for sale. Occult Books for Sale

Rare tarot decks for sale. Every Deck is rare and vintage and is valuable without question

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